Sample Workshop Offerings

Read below for examples of the types of workshops Robyn regularly offers at conferences, for organizations, and with teams.

Download Robyn's 2020 workshop list. 

Type A Yoga


In this 60 to 90 minute, all-levels yoga practice, Robyn teaches Type A leaders (and those who love them!) how to intentionally move their bodies and connect to their breath in order to calm their minds. No, this yoga isn't about perfection or competition or getting a super, intense workout. Instead, we focus on the mindful movement, breathing, and meditation Type A leaders need to enhance all that makes them effective, while letting go of that which doesn't serve them at work, at home, and on the inside.

Meditation 101 


At its core, meditation is simply learning how to pay attention.  In this introductory workshop, Robyn teaches leaders simple seated and standing practices for focusing and reconnecting to present moment amid the chaos of everyday life and work. Participants start with simple yoga poses to prepare their bodies for stillness and leave feeling refreshed, with tools they can use immediately to gain increased clarity and equanimity regardless of their circumstances.

Mindfulness for Social Impact


Changing the world is tough work! In this workshop, Robyn teaches social impact leaders the introductory principles of mindfulness they can use to nourish their own bodies and minds as they serve others. This workshop includes yoga and meditation practices tailored for the specific challenges that change-makers face. As a lifelong social justice advocate, Robyn has a special affinity for social impact enterprises and offers discounted pricing for nonprofit organizations and certified B corporations.

Mindful Leadership for Corporate Wellness


Leadership at every level requires navigating a constant flow of information, decisions, & personalities and dynamic priorities.  Through integrating everyday mindfulness principles & practicies, leaders are able to communicate more effectively, focus on what matters most,  uncover innovative solutions, and make strategic decisions - even amid change.  This workshop includes basic mindful movement practices, breathing exercises, and tools for integrating mindfulness into any office environment. 

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