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What I'm Reading: Finding the Space to Lead

Janice Marturano's story and tools in Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership have been pivotal to my own mindfulness journey.

A former corporate executive, turned in-house mindfulness leader, turned globally-recognized mindful leadership trainer, Janice's writing offers practical tips for integrating mindfulness into your leadership philosophy and execution.

From teaching how to include purposeful pauses throughout your workday to employing desk chair meditation to better understanding the role that emotions play in leadership, Finding the Space to Lead is one of the go-to resources I return to again and again in my own practice.

As we start 2020, I'm particularly reminded of Janice's Calendar Reflection exercise and the importance of cultivating a mindful calendar. When you review your 2019 calendar, what thoughts, feelings, and sensations come up? What meetings, appointments, or events create contraction vs. expansion, anxiety vs. excitement, heaviness vs. lightness? How might you utilize those insights as you make choices about your time and energy for the year ahead?

Finding the Space to lead can help.

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