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Workshop Scheduled: Mindfulness for Real Life

Does your To-Do List look at little too much like this one? Yep, mine too.

While mindfulness can't necessarily change all that we need to do in real life it can help us navigate the stress that comes with it - so that we thrive instead of suffer. To achieve our goals at home, at work, and at the gym, we all need access to a diverse set of tools and habits to help regularly cultivate focus, resilience, and joy.

Mindfulness is one of those essential practices. Through integrating mindfulness principles and practices into our daily routines, we're better able to focus on what matters most, intentionally respond instead of reacting on autopilot, and develop a healthy capacity to manage whatever comes our way.

Join me on Sunday, March 24, 1:30-3:30 pm at The 360 Approach for Mindfulness in Real Life.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will:

· Increase knowledge of introductory principles of mindfulness & their relationship with stress

· Learn specific formal and informal meditation techniques for cultivating focus, resilience, and joy

· Practice gentle “anywhere yoga” as means for learning to focus on the present moment

· Create an action plan for integrating purposeful pauses into week of real life

Learn more and register today!

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