• Robyn Fehrman

Begin as You Intend to Go On

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."

After a break that covered 9 years, 3 jobs, 2 kids, I started working with my longtime friend, yoga teacher, and endurance coach, Sage Rountree, again today. To celebrate the end of my 40th birthday year and to deepen my mindful endurance practice, I'm excited to prepare for my first 50Km run in January 2019.

Although I've covered thousands miles and completed many races over the years, my running has certainly slowed and my goals have evolved with life's seasons. I intend to approach this training with Beginner's Mind: fresh and willing to learn. The goal of this morning's initial run was to begin as I intend to go on: imagining how I want the eventual 50K to feel and eliciting those feelings with my first steps. Free and strong were the words that came to mind.

In Finding Your Way in a New Wild World, Life Coach Martha Beck describes imagination, or the third technology of magic ,as one of the key processes for accessing and living into our true nature. I believe that today's humble run helped me do just that.

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