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What I'm Reading: Real Happiness at Work

In Real Happiness at Work: Meditations for Accomplishment, Achievement, and Peace, renowned meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg speaks my Mindful Type A language.

She recognizes that many of us spend more time and energy at work than anywhere else; that many of us seek affirmation through the work we contribute to the world; and that, for too many, work is a source of deep dissatisfaction and suffering. Salzberg's tools offer pragmatic approaches for becoming "more productive, satisfied, and peaceful at work."

In easy to read and understand language Salzberg teaches readers five core meditations that can be called on during formal practice. These include mindfulness of the breath, identifying emotions, walking, letting go of thoughts, and practicing loving-kindness

But what I love even more are her "stealth meditations": nuggets of wisdom and mindful practices one can put into use without another person ever knowing. For instance, in her chapter on Resilience, Salzberg teaches a variety of practices for self-care that help avoid burnout. In one stealth meditation, she invites us to pay attention to how we're holding an everyday object:

"Notice how you are holding something in your hand - a steering wheel or a cup, for instance. What is the quality of your grip? Sometimes we exert so much force holding things it exacerbates tension without out realizing it. "

Mindful Type A readers will find lessons they can immediately put to use in cultivating more presence, compassion, and balance - all while typing an email, leading a presentation, or contributing to a conference call.

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