• Robyn Fehrman

Letting Go of Expectations

I recently tried Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga for the first time - and whoa, was it hard!

As a practitioner of many years, I had certain beliefs about what my body should be able to do in a yoga class. But the change in environment from land to water quickly blew up all of those expectations! As a result, I had a choice: suffer or let go.

I could have spent the entire two hour practice attached to the critical voice inside my head, wishing my body would show up as it usually does. Instead, I chose to pause, notice, and breathe. I chose to let go of my expectations and simply be in the moment, just as it was - to be grateful for the opportunity to try new experiences, to revel in the gorgeous natural studio that surrounded me, to embrace beginner's mind and look for the joy in losing my balance again and again.

As Type A leaders, many of us have ingrained, high expectations for ourselves and others. They certainly can help us succeed , and they can create suffering, holding us back from experiencing the richness life's moments have to offer. What expectations might you notice and consider letting go of this summer? And what joyful possibilities might letting go unlock for you?

Here are a few tools that might help:

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