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What holds us back from meditation?

You can't scan Twitter, read Harvard Business Review, or scroll through Facebook these days without seeing more and more about mindfulness? The evidence-based benefits, the leaders who are convinced, the parents who navigate family life more calmly are all telling us that meditation is indeed a super tool that will make life better.

And yet, so many of us don't make it a point to find stillness and intentionally breathe in and out on a regular basis.

Why not?

During last week's Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference, mindfulness practitioner, ABC News Journalist, and author of 10% Happier Dan Harris offered his thoughts on the 5 "secret fears" that hold back many folks, particularly those of us that lean Type A:

1. I don't have time - How can I possible add one more thing to my to-do list?

2. I'm not doing it right - And frankly, if I can't do it right, I won't do it at all!

3. Is this a cult that will lead to mind control? - Seriously, who does this woo-woo stuff?

4. I'll lose my edge - Being high-strung has gotten me where I am, why change?

5. This is too self-indulgent - Don't you know that there are real problems in the world I need to take care of?

I've certainly thought most of these at one time or another -- and yet, when I committed to simply giving it a go, my direct experience countered all of these fear:

1. Time seems to expand when I get quiet and clearer on what matters most.

2. The point is to notice our thoughts, not empty our brains. The only right way is to keep beginning again and again.

3. There are both secular & religious approaches to mindfulness.

4. I actually have more capacity to respond skillfully and creatively when I create space between stimulus and response.

5. I'm a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, worker, leader when I train my mind to focus and be more compassionate.

Ready to begin again? These resources might help.

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