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New Date 1/15: Attention to Intention - A Mindful Start to 2017

Due to early January winter weather, this workshop is now Sunday, January 15, 1:30-3:30 pm. Join us! It's never too late to start the new year again!

A new year brings a clean state and the promise of new beginnings. Without awareness, it's easy to get caught up in a long list of new goals that stem from "shoulds," "musts," and external expectations.

What if we took a more mindful approach to New Year's Resolutions? What if we rooted this annual goal-setting tradition in deep awareness, appreciation, and compassion?

In this 2-hour workshop, you will:

  • Move through a one-hour all-levels yoga practice

  • Meditate using introductory mindfulness meditation techniques

  • Mindfully set intentions for the week, month, and year ahead that focus on your process—not just your desired results

Especially helpful for goal-oriented leaders, this workshop is appropriate for anyone wishing to approach the new year more intentionally. Bring a journal, notebook, or computer and any draft resolutions you're considering for 2017! You'll leave with a (potentially new!) plan, having had space to pause, breathe, and reflect.

What: 2-hour yoga, meditation, and journaling workshop

When: Sunday, January 15, 1:30-3:30 pm

Where: Durham Yoga Company, 502 Rigsbee Avenue (2nd Floor), Durham, NC

Cost: $35 (before December 23); $40

Join me to start your 2017 with purpose!

Learn more and register now!

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