• Robyn Fehrman

Type A Yoga & Asetya

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - Wayne Dyer

In yoga, the third yama , or self-regulating behavior, we're called to practice is asetya: non-stealing. The urge to steal, in both its tangible and more meta-physical forms , comes from a sense of scarcity, a fear of lacking, and the belief that what we have is not enough.

For us Type A folks, our tendency towards craving perfection and our critical eyes can mean that, rather than noticing and appreciating what we have, we're prone to steal from ourselves and others the reality of life just as it is.

In the Durham Yoga Company community class I led this month, we focused on asetya through cultivating its strongest antidote: abundance. Rather than leading we judgment, we practiced leading with acceptance of our bodies and minds just as they presented themselves on the mat right here, right now.

Can we notice the abundant strength in our bodies when we're tired and choose to take child's pose instead of pushing ourselves to take another vinyasa?

Can we appreciate that balance in tree pose is different on our left side than it is on our right, not because we lack anything, but simply because that's the way it is?

Can we lean into the abundant energy in our bodies, minds, and spirits to move just a little further into a new asana even when we're scared we won't have enough?

The practice of asetya asks us to say YES to all of these questions.

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