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Type A Yoga & Satya

"It is the aspect of satya that brings us into balance. We need not eradicate fear of ambition: both are necessary energies in our lives. Rather, we must bring them in balance in the moment, so that our postures are practices with a health distribution of both energies. Our postures become the embodiment of this exquisite balance between holding on and letting go, action and non-action, ambition and restraint." - Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison, Meditations from the Mat

During the opportunity I had last week to lead Durham Yoga Company's Community Class, I continued my exploration of Type A Yoga and the yamas. This month, we focused on satya: non-lieing or truthfulness.

While most of us likely consider ourselves to be honest people, I find that that my own Type A nature can lead me to lie to myself -- especially when it comes to effort. In my pursuit of achievement, I can easily push through just about anything, ignoring clues that my body and spirit offer until their roar becomes impossible to silence. I can add items to my to-do list, endure hard work, go just a little bit further -- and frankly find a lot of pride in these aspects of who I am -- until....I lash out at the people I love because I'm completely exhausted, my body breaks down and starts to turn on itself, or I burn 100% out.

In class this week, my student and I focused on what was true for us, right now, in the present moment. Even if that meant we didn't take the posture that the person next to us was. Even if we could balance exquisitely on one side of our body, but couldn't even lift a toe on the other. Even if that meant we had to slow WAY down in order to stay connected with our breath.

We stood in our personal truth on that mat, so that we can continue to uncover it off the mat.

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