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What is Type A Yoga?

I practice and teach what I call Type A Yoga.

No, this yoga isn't about perfection or competition or super intense workouts or getting our bodies just so - although I know all too well that those are just some of the things us Type As love!

Instead, it's mindful breathing, movement, and meditation that helps high impact (and often high-stung!) folks just like me enhance all that makes us effective, while letting go of that which doesn't serve us at work, at home, and on the inside.

We intentionally become aware of and connected to our breath, move more slowly than our all too often 100 miles an hour baseline pace, and hold our postures so that we can focus on one moment at a time. We move first so that we can be still, sitting in mediation and simply noticing and letting go of the many thoughts racing through our crowded brains in any given moment. We use our ever-present, pulsing internal drive to stay present on the mat so that we can be more present off of it. We use our desire for control to set proactive intentions for who we want to be and how we want to move through the world.

While we certainly move our bodies, Type A Yoga is about much more than the physical practice. On a deeper level, its rooted in in all of the yoga's 8 limbs, We'll explore all of those connections in weeks ahead!

So what is Type A Yoga?

It's my challenge and my persmisison slip:

- To pause

- To focus exclusively on the inputs instead of the outcomes

- To practice the experience of stillness and quiet - and simply notice what happens

- To accept all parts of myself -- even and especially the Type A crazy!

- To simply BE instead of DO

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