• Robyn Fehrman

Paying Attention

Last February, it was dark.

And gloomy.

And work was hard. Again.

And I was tired. Again.

And needed something to look forward to. To get my mojo working. To light me up.

I was up late, searching for the end of Internet, and found myself (again!) learning about our local Yoga Teacher Training Program. I'd investigated this program many times, had thought over and over how fun it might be, and then summarily dismissed the idea as too expensive, too much time away from my family, too frivolous, too much.

But this time was different.

In a matter of minutes:

1. I texted my husband (who was away for the weekend):

"I'm looking into a yoga teacher training program. One weekend a month. 8 months. While you're gone, I'd like you to think about how we could make this work."

2. He immediately responded:

"I like you flexible - in all ways. Go for it."

3. And I'd emailed my friend, former coach, and training program leader to say, I'm in.

Since 2007, I've had a regular yoga practice. Sometimes that's meant weekly classes to complement my endurance sports training. Sometimes that's meant time alone on my mat in my bedroom. Sometimes it's meant taking three deep breaths while stuck in traffic, running late from work,trying not to scream curse words at everything and everybody desperate to get to preschool pickup. And more recently it's meant sitting every day for 10-30 minutes to meditate. In my world, it all counts. It's all yoga.

As a well-known Type A, recovering perfectionist, first-born, leader and manager, mom, wife, do-er, yoga has again and again been the place I go to get quiet. To listen. To be. While I don't know if I'll ever actually teach, I intend to use the next 8 months as the gift that yoga has always been, and as an opportunity to be the learner, to make mistakes, to follow.

I'm also excited to use this year ahead as a fodder to jump back into something else that's been tugging at my heart (again and again) and has brought me joy in the past: writing.

So, TODAY, I'm starting. I'm paying attention to what the universe keeps bringing my way, again and again and again.

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