Experience how mindful movement, breathing, and rest can transform your leadership, employee engagement, work-life balance, and overall peace of mind! 

In addition to teaching weekly classes, Robyn offers on-site, workplace yoga and workshops for high-impact teams and organizations interested in increasing focus, relaxation, and joy. 

All services can be tailored to meet your space, time available, and specific needs.


Robyn has experience working with diverse groups and organizations.  As a lifelong social justice advocate, Robyn has a special affinity for social impact enterprises and offers discounted pricing for nonprofit organizations and certified B corporations.

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"You completely dazzled me with your presentation today .... You are a fantastic, engaging, witty, and highly knowledgeable speaker, and it was pure joy and to be in your insightful company today. You are also incredibly skilled at infusing stewardship and acknowledgment in your words - I think everyone walked out of there feeling appreciated and validated. My deepest gratitude to you for teaching what you do, and for offering such necessary and life-changing perspectives in this age of stress and striving." - Erin H. 

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