Mindfulness for Social Impact

"Those of us who are called to advance a more just society...also have a responsibility to create change while embodying the same principles of integrity and justice we hope to see in the world. This requires a level of mindfulness." - Gretchen Ki Steidel, Founder & President Global Grassroots and Author, A Toolkit for Conscious Social Change. Changing the world is tough. All too often social impact leaders work toward multiple bottom lines, navigate competing priorities, manage multiple stakeholders, face constant resource constraints, and live every minute inundated with information - all while staring down the world's greatest challenges. To achieve their bold visions, transformational l

Type A Yoga & Asetya

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - Wayne Dyer In yoga, the third yama , or self-regulating behavior, we're called to practice is asetya: non-stealing. The urge to steal, in both its tangible and more meta-physical forms , comes from a sense of scarcity, a fear of lacking, and the belief that what we have is not enough. For us Type A folks, our tendency towards craving perfection and our critical eyes can mean that, rather than noticing and appreciating what we have, we're prone to steal from ourselves and others the reality of life just as it is. In the Durham Yoga Company community class I led this month, we focused on asetya through cultivating its

Learning to Pause

When I was a nonprofit executive director managing large scale change in our organization, one of my most persistent and difficult leadership situations was responding in the moment to challenging questions during in-person, all-staff meetings. I knew that my words would be remembered. I knew that my choice of language mattered and would have ripple effect. I knew that my team was looking to me, not just for what I would say, but also for any hint of perceived message in what I chose not to. I also often knew that I didn't know what to say. And that knowledge terrified me, particularly as a Type A leader who likes being right,values doing, craves gold stars of external affirmation, and doe

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